Thursday, April 30, 2009

This is my rowdy post

I shouldn't be this cheery considering all the work I need to get done!

But I had a good week last week. I had a fun time at Hair, even though the show was terrible. I mostly had fun because I got to see the portfolios of some of my favorite designers. Additionally, I got to go with the twin and she and I tried not to die together for 3 hours. I have heard from folks who were alive in the 60s that it was not just the fact that I was not around in the 60s that made me hate the show. Instead, it was the acting and direction, the absence of, oh, say, people of color for, say, that little teeny tiny part about the whole freaking civil rights movement. Anyway, that is a rant for another blog!

On Friday my work hosted Tristan Taormino. She was a ton of fun. Her talk was awesome and she gave me a free movie and book because I put so much work into hosting her. How super nice! Afterward we took her out for dinner at the Cabana Room, which was fun and quaint with obnoxious waitstaff. Tristan and her personal assistant Colten were a ton of fun and volunteered to give me advice about living in NYC next fall. Super down to earth and awesome, plus they are doing such important work!

After that late dinner, I went back to my house where a Reggae Party was in full swing. In case you didn't know, reggae is on the narrow list of music that I would prefer not to hear. But there were only a couple dozen people there, and I stayed on the porch, so I found the party tolerable. I hung out on the porch with some housemates watching a storm brew. I know I said I would relegate the descriptions of people I am lusting after to my livejournal, but I really don't write much over there any more and I just have to tell you about this gent! His name is...irrelevant...and he is tall, gorgeous, capable, brilliant, and sweet. We've been slightly more than acquaintances for the past four years, and I had always noticed that despite his huge, thick, dorky, aviator glasses he was stunningly good-looking. Well, a year or two ago a few of his close friends got together and told him that the reason he was having a hard time charming the ladies was because of his glasses. He thought about it for a few months, and then bought some super cute, trendy glasses and a SET of CONTACTS! And oh my god if he was stunning with those huge glasses let me just tell you he is drop-dead gorgeous without them. Anyway, we talked for several hours while the rest of the party whiled away around us (I even threw a smooth line at smooth that I think he didn't notice). There was something so fabulously connecting about that night...watching the lightning flashing violently around us and talking quietly of the things that make us human...Needless to say I was charmed. I've been sort of floating around on that high for almost a week now.

The next day, I met my mother and twin sister for breakfast and a trip to the farmer's market. Madison has a great farmer's market, and my mother was only visiting through Saturday. We grabbed some eggs etc. at Sunprint Cafe, and then headed over to the farmer's market. In the pouring rain. During Crazy Legs. What a mistake. We made it about one block around the Square and then ran for the parking lot. We migrated towards the twin's house, dried our jeans and went apartment hunting. After checking out a few, the mom decided to head out of town, and I went back to my house to prepare for the wine tasting I was hosting. It was called WASTED: New Zealand and Australia. I provided a delicious medium-bodied Pinot Noir, and folks brought some great wines, none of which I remember (I should have saved the bottles!). Lindsay, Patrick, Emily, Scott, Sean, and Michael attended. Emily and Scott and I really hit it off and I look forward to hanging out with them more soon!

I ended the night taking a housemate, Rachel, to entertainment venue for sort of her last hurrah with the house. She's leaving for a three-month sojourn through Africa and Mexico, and when she returns it will be only a few days before we both move out of the house. She and Steph 2 got very drunk, and were absolutely hilarious. They pretended to be a lesbian couple so they could share the lap dance that Rachel's boyfriend bought for her. All in all, although entertainment venue....was not really my scene, it was super fun seeing Rachel have such a good time. And there was this one woman who wasn't even a dancer at the club, who showed up and wanted to work the poles. She was a bodybuilder according to the MC, and oh my god she had muscles in places that I didn't even know they existed. I am not kidding you she blew raspberries with her vulva. It was incredible, and Rachel and Steph 2 and I almost got kicked out because we were laughing so hard we were keeping her from earning tips.

Top that!

*Update: Tristan actually sent me two free books and a movie. How cool! She's a great writer and a wonderful, down-to-earth speaker. I hope I get to see more of her soon!