Friday, October 31, 2008

creeped out or stressed out?

I Am Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song) by Gummibar is an incredibly creepy song to hear come on Pandora when you are working alone at the office at one in the morning.

I've totally got the over-the-shoulder-checking heeblie-jeeblies now. Thanks for ruining the rest of my productivity, Gummibar...


Thursday, October 23, 2008

My mediocre internet presence...

finally exists! Hooray! I googled myself by the name I most prefer to go by, and not only were there 27 results, they were 27 results that were actually me! Bwhahahahah! I shall begin to build my internet empire!

Busy Busy Busy....blah blah blah insert usual to-do-list here.

This is a theater-riffic weekend. Tonight I am going to see if I can get rush tickets to see Avenue Q, which is in town. If you don't know about Avenue Q, check it out. It's sort of like the Muppets. For adults. Ish. I've listened to the soundtrack a number of times and I am sure the show will be hilarious. I can't wait!

Then, tomorrow I am seeing The Merry Widow, directed by a friend whose work I have been following for a long time. I know she is a phenomenal director and I also just cannot wait to see this Opera.

On Saturday I am going to a wine-tasting (theme: french). I'm bringing a 2002 CĂ´tes de Bordeaux, which I'm nervous about. I'd heard this type compared to other wines that I like, such as a Tempranillo, but then after I purchased it I read one review online. There was only one. And this person wasn't a fan. In fact they really didn't like it. I hope they are wrong, because I'm bringing it anyway. Later that night I'm seeing The Love of the Nightingale, also directed by a friend. I've worked with him in some of my Theatre for Cultural and Social Awareness work, so I have incredibly high expectations for this show because I know what he can do. I helped with the props, costumes, and set as well and it looks fabulous. I am so excited to see it I can barely wait, and if you are in the Madison area I highly recommend you check it out as well.*

In addition I need to catch up on my research project and graduate school applications, so it looks like it will be a busy weekend.

Then Sunday is the General Membership Meeting. I couldn't sell my stereo on Craig's List, so I am raffling it off to the MCC members that come to the GMM. Then I won't have to move it! I think about that a lot, now that I only have one year of school left: am I moving this come next summer when I go to grad school? I am making mental inventories of what will be tossed in the free-pile and what will be packed. Almost all of the fiction is coming with me, but most of the high-school level chemistry and biology books will go. I'll keep most of the fiction except for the stuff I am never going to get to. I'm tossing most of my shoes: I'll get a new pair of New Balance sneakers in wherever I'm at, and keep one pair of flats, the nice pair of heels (someday I'll condition myself to wear them, because they look fabulous), and the Chacos from my last birthday. I'll move my teacups and french press but if I don't finish the tequila it's not going with me... Etc. I can't wait to go through my clothes. If you want a trunk full of a range (read: good to bad) of cloth and sewing-esque materials, please let me know. It's heavy, I don't want to have to move that.

*Note: I haven't seen LotN yet, so maybe you should wait until my Sunday morning post. It does run next weekend as well.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Watching the leaves change

The cat likes Gilgamess, which I find intolerable. We've compromised. I've named him Gilgamesh (yes, I'm a nerd) and I've promised to slur the end sometimes so that he feels validated.

A few days ago he pulled my french press out of the corner where I had thoughtfully jammed it when I got him, and smashed it on the ground. Fucking thumbs! So maybe I've been so ornery with him because there is a distinct lack of coffee going on now-ish.

Or I'm overwhelmed from doing a billion things. Whatever.

Last night I drank an overdiluted tablet of generic-brand Airborne and went to be early. The cat only woke me up twice, both times trying and failing in a wet way to jam his head into the cup (not glass anymore I've learned my lesson) of water near my bed. (Don't ask me why, his water dish was full. It's in the same part of his brain that makes him carry my dirty socks around and stash them with the rest of his prizes.) So, I feel generally well-rested and certainly much healthier than I did a few days ago. Vitamins! Sleep! These things are great! Now I'm behind on everything else!

Research/education/work etc. is proceeding in a general forward direction, although not as quickly as I'd like. I've been sort of checked out since the beginning of September, when I was suddenly required to tack 25 hours of lab construction on top of my as-usual over-packed schedule. I look forward to reducing that by about 15 hours next week, and resuming life at a slightly less over-worked pace. It really has made me wonder what the bottom limit is; how little personal time it's possible to get by on. I literally work from 7:30 am until midnight, and come home just to crash into bed, sleep for a few hours, and shower. No wonder the cat and I don't have the best relationship.

But relief is coming. I am looking forward to a family get-together this weekend; my sisters, mother and I are going apple-orcharding, pumpkin-farming, leaf-watching and other generally autumn activities. I'll bring my knitting. If someone (hint: Jessi!) ever tells me how to post pictures on this blog, I'll post some of the scarf I've all but finished (I just need to bind off, which I expect google to be teaching me about soon), as well as whatever I get a start on this weekend. You may have picked up that I like autumn a bit, and it's getting lovely here in Madison. The leaves are probably 50% changed, which means the oranges and reds are going to start going soon. The only down-side of this is that anything north of us has probably already changed. I hope I make it for a leaf-drive soon. One of the few assets of living in this politically ass-backward chunk of the continent is that it has beautiful, full expressions of each season (usually). Long, crisp autumns; cold, snowy winters; wet, blooming springs; and hot, windy summers. For an urbanite-turned-small-town woman, this is something I treasure.

(A note for fellow would-be wine-drinkers: At a wine tasting on Saturday I tried a good bottle of Zin that I would recommend to people who don't normally drink reds. The memorable (albeit corny) name is Earth Zin and Fire. Just google it or something.)


Tuesday, October 7, 2008


five-fingered discount
thumbed darwintroll


Monday, October 6, 2008

Cat still unnamed

On Lindsey's advice I was poking around the ENORMOUS list of pet names hanging around the 19th of September at this entertaining blog. I like Hedgepig, because its quaint, obnoxious, and long enough, but I'm not entirely sold. Recommendations of similarly fictional, fun, and florid nature will be most welcome.