Monday, May 3, 2010

see ya

I started a new job, so now my life is back up to a level of pseudo-insanity that I'm comfortable with (although still not the most I can take, a full time job that I am starting just as finals descend is pretty awful). I don't blog that much, but I'm soon going to be starting to write guests posts on some other blogs, much more political and also much more important and fascinating to me. So I'll be dropping you some links if things turn out well.

I've run out of food in my fridge, except for 1/2 a can of black beans, two kiwis, and a bag of frozen peas. Does anyone know a good recipe for pea-beans? Mmmm, pea-beans. That sounds repulsive.

Anyway, be prepared for a slew of boring/insane updates on progress here. If you want to track it, here's what I've got:

1 presentation on my Lion King paper on 5/6
the last chance to turn in a draft for review of this paper on 5/12
1 paper on Churchill's Not Not Not Not Not Enough Oxygen on 5/14
1 take home final due 5/19
1 oral final for the same class on 5/19
final version of that Lion King paper on 5/20
1 theoretical review of Race due on 5/24