Sunday, March 14, 2010

You know you've been doing too much theory when...

...You had to use step division to figure out that 4/12 reduces to 1/3

...You can sort of understand why the cat won't stop licking your Cornel West book

...You can type "social constructionism" with your eyes closed

...You only notice that the sky is half purple and it's hailing when the cat gallops in to hide under the couch

...You know the difference between Bourdieu and Badiou

...You have paper cuts...on your torso

...You have Leftovers Casserole down to an art

...You have more blog updates than any month since NaBloPoMo

...You are cursing out webcomic artists for not posting their daily updates by 12:01 AM

...You know the local librarian by name

...You think you truly understand phenomenology

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